Figure It All Out in Trailer for ‘6 Month Rule’

By  · Published on October 11th, 2011

Rules are made to be broken ‐ especially stupid, self-imposed rules that apply giant blanket statements to something as unique and weird and changeable as love itself. In Blayne Weaver’s 6 Month Rule, writer and director Weaver also stars as Tyler, dude about town, rakish ladies’ man, (somewhat) drunk photographer, and a steadfast believer in a set of rules that he thinks keep their followers from romantic heartbreak. The most important of those rules? There’s no woman so perfect that you can’t get over her in six months. That’s a snappy rule, right? Great way to gird yourself from emotional upheaval? Of course. Tyler really thinks he’s got it all figured out. Until he doesn’t.

In the film, Tyler inevitably falls in love (with the very charming Natalie Morales), but their “spooky synchronicity” is made complicated by her douchebag musician boyfriend (Patrick J. Adams) and the albatross that is his heartbroken best friend (Martin Starr). Will Tyler toss out his own rules in the face of true love or continue to cat around town? Learn how to get over (or under, as it were) a woman, and check out the trailer for 6 Month Rule after the break.

The film’s cast is rounded out by Vanessa Branch (no, not that Vanessa Branch), Dave Foley, John Michael Higgins, and Jamie Pressly. Weaver previously directed LAFF pick Weather Girl, which showed that the multi-hyphenate has a real knack for writing funny and believable female characters, and it looks like that skill will transfer to the opposite sex with his own portrayal of the seriously waylaid Tyler.

What will become of Tyler’s rules? I think we all know ‐ but that doesn’t mean that watching them getting snapped in two will be any less charming.

6 Month Rule will have its world premiere at this year’s Austin Film Festival on October 21, with an additional screening on October 23. [IndieWire]