Fey and Carell Set to Explore Marriage on ‘Date Night’

Tina Fey and Steve CarellTwo comic heavyweights are coming together to star in director Shawn Levy’s next project, Date Night. Our best friends for life over at Variety are reporting that Steve Carell and Tina Fey will play a married couple heading out for a normal date night – that mid-life ritual of keeping sex alive and proving that you can still stand the other person across from you at an Applebee’s – but end up going on an adventure instead.

With Levy’s talk about Carell and Fey’s relatability and his previous projects (Night at the Museum, Cheaper By the Dozen) it’s a safe guess that Date Night will probably be family-friendly, exploring the lighter side of marriage, and will not feature a cameo improv dialog from Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen about spicing up the 20th anniversary with a Dirty Sanchez or a little Blinding the Marlin.

I have trouble getting excited about something that most likely won’t mention Blinding the Marlin, but, you know, this one will probably be as heartwarming and lightly humorous as everything else Shawn Levy makes. By my count, this makes the third and fourth comedy giants that Levy has neutered in order to make something wholesomely PG.

Production will most likely ramp up when Fey and Carell take parallel breaks from their insanely successful television shows and as soon as Carell can carbo-load for the part.