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What Are Your 7 Favorite Films?

By  · Published on August 15th, 2016

Twitter wants to know.

We love Twitter games. And movies. So this morning when #fave7films became the top trending topic in the Twitterverse, it was right up our alley. We rounded up the team and forced them to each come up with a list. We set a few groundrules to assist our often overly-thoughtful group:

  1. Don’t over think it.
  2. This doesn’t have to be your favorite 7 forever. It’s simply your 7 favorite as of this moment – the morning of Monday, August 15, 2016.

The results were, as expected, a diverse set of lists from our contributors, interns, and editors. Here’s what each of our team members came up with, sans explanation or context, as their 7 favorite films as of right now:

Neil Miller

Scott Beggs

Jamie Righetti

Rob Hunter

Christopher Campbell

Tomris Laffly

Matthew Monagle

Jacob Oller

Danny Bowes

Max Covill

Erica Bahrenburg

Max Barnhart

Allison Bigelow

Colton Ledford

Matt Hoffman

Victor Stiff

What are your #fave7films? Share them below in the Responses section.

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