The Next Hit Comedy?

Any spoof or parody can come off really bad…i.e. Date Movie. But when the right comic minds come together you can be sure that laughter, tears and maybe even some accidental urinating will ensue.

Farce of The Penguins is a mocumentary parody of last year’s Oscar friendly documentary March of The Penguins. Farce will be directed by Bob Saget (yes Full House Bob Saget…but for those of you who really know comedy, he is a dirty dirty man) and be narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, in contrast to Morgan Freeman’s work in March of The Penguins.

Just to drop some names…

Jason Alexander . James Belushi . Jason Biggs . Lewis Black . Dane Cook . Dave Coulier . Whoopi Goldberg . Gilbert Gottfried . Alyson Hannigan . Jamie Kennedy . Jon Lovitz . Norm MacDonald . Carlos Mencia .Tracy Morgan

I really can’t wait for this one.

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