Fantastic Mr. Fox: A Look at the Puppet Hospital


Last night, I made my Thanksgiving weekend family trip to the movies. The options were on the table: the depressing beauty of Precious, the grim immersion of The Road, the absurd annoyance of Ninja Assassin, or the light, fun quirk of Fantastic Mr. Fox. The Fox won the day, and once again the movie delivered fun for all ages – a restrained effort from Wes Anderson that plays with the energy of reading the Roald Dahl book.

That said, Fox Searchlight has released a new featurette that takes us inside the puppet hospital, where the Fox family and friends came for repairs during production. When you watch a stop-motion movie like this, you don’t often think about the painstaking effort that goes on behind the scenes. Sure, this style of filmmaking is not as smooth as computer generated images, but it is a truly special, practical achievement. For more on that, see below.

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