Fans Want to Know: What Is 'Paul?'

Superbad Director Greg Mottola and company have set up a production blog for his forthcoming flick,Paul, so that fans can keep up-to-date on the filming, download shirtless pics of Seth Rogen and send ice cream cones for Simon Pegg to autograph and send back.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Paul has begun filming in the New Mexico desert. They have decided to give fans unprecedented access to the set, by setting up a production blog called ‘What is Paul’. Once there you can keep up to date with pictures and videos from the cast and crew. The videos up at the moment are pretty introductory, but I’m sure as it grows and as production progresses it will be a hotbed of exclusive content, so make sure to bookmark it if you’re one of Pegg’s rabid fans.

Gregg Mottola is directing and a fantastic cast has been assembled including Seth Rogen as the title character, which I believe is using motion capture to bring the hitch-hiking alien to life. Also appearing are Jason Bateman, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. The story centers on Pegg and Frost as British comic book geeks that take a road trip to Comic-Con. That perfectly allows for free flowing cameos, as any number of people can appear on the road before being left in the dust.

I like the premise, and think that it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, because of the main two cast members, I may have to be out.

I don’t want to be roundly attacked for this, but Pegg and Frost just don’t tickle my funny bone. I’m sure most movie fans have someone that turns them off, and I’m afraid for me, these are those guys. I feel at some point down the line I may see this, but unfortunately my own actor prejudices might hinder my enjoyment. This isn’t a regular occurrence as I tend to hunt for the good in things, but this just isn’t marketed to me – a predisposed ‘hater.’

Man I hate that word.

Paul will be released sometime 2010.

What do you think? Excited for Paul? Do you have any actor prejudices?