Fan Made: Aquaman is a Casualty of the BP Oil Spill

Were you interested in seeing a big screen adaptation of Aquaman someday? Well, now you can’t. Because your favorite aquatic hero is dead thanks to the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Perhaps if the government had called in director James Cameron earlier, we wouldn’t have this problem. But no, he’s dead.

Wait a minute – a James Cameron directed Aquaman movie? Now there’s a cool idea.

Too bad, the hero is dead. As you can see from this piece of art found at AquamanShrine, the home of artist rob!, the oil spill has finally claimed its greatest causality. Who will help all of the oil-covered ducks and suffocating fishes now? Not the capitalist pigs responsible for plugging the leak, that’s for sure.

Aquaman BP Oil Spill

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