Exclusive: Watch a Graceful, Inky Clip from Jodorowsky’s ‘The Dance of Reality’

By  · Published on May 20th, 2014

“Le Soleil Films” Chile; “Camera One” France 2013; Pathe; Courtesy of ABKCO La Danza, LL

After a hundred-year absence, Alejandro Jodorowsky is back with a new film that promises to be as inventive and visually adventurous as his earlier work. The autobiographical Dance of Reality waltzes through the filmmakers childhood in Chile, although it’s doubtful that it moves in a straight line. After all, Jodorowsky is the kind of storyteller who would make Dali blush.

Alongside the recent Jodorowsky’s Dune, which chronicles the failed attempt to bring Frank Herbert’s sci-fi series into bizarre filmic reality, it feels like we’re in the middle of a small Renaissance for the man behind El Topo, Santa Sangre and more.

Fortunately, we got our hands on a clip from his latest work, and if there’s anything weirder than watching a Jodorowsky movie, it’s watching a scene from one without any context.


There’s the old magic. It’s too rare that a movie fits into both the “biography” and “fantasy” sections of the video store.

Meanwhile, Jodorowsky is still as disenchanted with the filmmaking business as he’s ever been.

“Hollywood pictures, industrial pictures are the end of movies. They will kill cinema. Pretty soon we will no longer have movies. We will have television series only… Industrial pictures are not art. They are necessary sometimes, like a cigarette. But they kill you. One picture every day for six months, that’s OK. But one picture every day, that will make you an idiot.”

Given his recent remarks to Flavorwire and his advanced age (85 this year), it’s very likely that the movie opening this Friday (against a superhero franchise juggernaut for full non-irony) will be his last.

Here’s hoping that Jodowrosky’s dance with cinema isn’t quite over yet.

The Dance of Reality is in limited theaters this Friday.

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