Exclusive: Team ‘Mandrill’ Teaches Us How to Be a Super Spy

By  · Published on October 19th, 2009

Mandrill, fresh off its selection as Best Film of Fantastic Fest 2009, is a hell of a movie. Director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza brings his love for classic 70s exploitation and James Bond films, and adds a unique style to a great piece of storytelling. Couple that with having Marko Zaror, one of the most amazing martial artists alive, as your lead man, and you should get a sense for why so many people love this film.

I had the great privilege of sitting down with both Diaz Espinoza and Zaror to talk about their movie. We also talked about how to get the ladies and discussed Mirageman, the film that made these two Fantastic Fest royalty two years ago. Over several cocktails, we talked in a secure karaoke room while Andy Cheng, director of the Mirageman remake Defender 3D provided some color commentary from off-camera.

What do you think?

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