EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Durand to play The Blob in Wolverine

Our scoops about The Blob just keep on coming…
By  · Published on February 23rd, 2008

And just like that, we’ve got another little scoop for you from inside the production of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Last week we told you that Wolverine would encounter The Blob at some point during the upcoming prequel, and now we know who will be jumping into the big rubber fat suit. His name is Kevin Durand.

Not familiar with the name? Just look at the picture to the right. Durand is “that guy” from movies like Wild Hogs, Mystery, Alaska and most recently 3:10 to Yuma. Our source inside the production tells us that Durand was “live-scanned” for The Blob a while ago, but has just officially signed on to the project in recent days. Word is that he will be heading up to his native Canada to shoot scenes for the film sometime next week. This is also important because the rest of the production is happening half way across the world in New Zealand and Australia. Does this mean that The Blob will not share too many scenes with Wolverine himself? Or does it mean that he will be shooting everything in front of a green screen and be digitally inserted into the film? Or better yet, is the production moving to Canada at some point? Time will tell, I’m sure.

In other Wolverine news, Lord of the Rings and Lost star Dominic Monaghan has also joined the production as Barnell, a former military ally of Logan with the power to harness energy and electricity.

Stay tuned for more Wolverine news in the coming weeks… We will keep our recon team working overtime for you.

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