I missed the first episode, it was on my DVR but I never got around to watching it. When I finally found time I sat on the couch looking at the first 5 episodes of Season 1 just waiting for me to push play, and then I did. My only regret when it comes to the show is that I didn’t press play sooner.

Created by Terry Matalas (STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, NIKITA) and Travis Fickett (TERRA NOVA, NIKITA), 12 MONKEYS tells the story of James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic 2043 sent back in time to stop the spread of a deadly plague with help from Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull). On its surface, the film has the same story as the now classic Terry Gilliam film, but the series only uses the most obvious pieces of the film before it begins to create its own worlds and rules, a vital step in growing a successful series from an adored film. This is a show made up of spectacular twists and brilliant moments.

I am hooked, you should be too. Ready to jump into your new weekly obsession?

Terry Matalas sent along an exclusive look at some of his favorite shots from Season 2. Some of the episodes have yet to air but none of them contain spoilers.

12 MONKEYS airs Monday on Syfy. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.13.40 AM
2nd Unit Dir: Chris Byrne, DoP: David Greene from Ep6 “The Immortal”
2nd Unit Dir: Chris Byrne, DP: David Greene from Ep6 "The Immortal"
Dir: David Greene, DoP: Boris Mojsovski from Ep6 “The Immortal”
Dir: Kevin Tancharoen, DoP: Boris Mojsovski from 211 "Resurrection"
Dir: Kevin Tancharoen, DoP: Boris Mojsovski from 211 “Resurrection”

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