The Evolution of Emma Stone: From ‘Superbad’ to Best Actress

Charting the rise of America’s Sweetheart.
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By  · Published on February 27th, 2017

It’s been 10 years since Superbad introduced the world to the charms and talents of Emma Stone, and ever since hers has been a meteoric rise first to the A-list then to the list of the finest actresses of her day, a rise which has come to a dazzling peak in La La Land, for which she just won an Oscar for Best Actress.

In honor of her transition from that girl to It Girl, supercut maestros Burger Fiction have put together the following video charting the evolution of Emma. What struck me most while watching this was not just the variety and quality of the films she’s made, but also the leaps between them, how Ms. Stone has grown and challenged herself as an actress, balancing dramas like The Help, Birdman, and Gangster Squad alongside raucous comedies like Movie 43, Easy A and Crazy, Stupid, Love, and smaller, more prestige pictures like her work with Woody Allen in Magic in the Moonlight and Irrational Man against huge-budget tentpoles like the Amazing Spider-man films.

But the best part about Ms. Stone – same as recent Best Actress winners Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence – is that she’s still a young woman, only 28, which means in the scheme of things her career is still in its relative infancy and likely she still has decades of exceptional work ahead of her. So take this as the Evolution of Emma up until now, understanding it’s only showing you the first chapters of what’s destined to be an epic career.

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