‘Evil Dead’ Remake Situation Improves, Bruce Campbell ‘Likely’ Joins Cast

If you’re in the mood for definitive news about movies, you pretty much have to wait until they’re done. If you’re in the mood for loose promises and casual statements, then San Diego Comic Con 2011 is the place for you! At a panel early-ish Thursday morning at SDCC, Bruce Campbell captivated audiences as he’s apt to do and then was asked about Evil Dead as he is every single day of his life.

So what did The Chin have to say about the Evil Dead remake? Well for one, it’s a remake. It’s not a sequel. We’re starting back at square one for this bad boy, but we all pretty much knew that. So the few of you remaining people who are calling it Evil Dead 4, quit it. In the good news side of things Campbell said he’d “most likely” be in the remake. No word on what capacity he’d be in it, but since the movie is focused on a young group of kids in a cabin, he’d likely have a cameo or other small role as someone who is not Ashleigh Williams. So there is one reason to check out the film.

How’s this make you feel, boys and girls?