Everything You Need to Know About Seeing ‘Interstellar’ on the Big Screen

By  · Published on October 2nd, 2014

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If you’re excited to see Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar on the big screen, you may be still more excited to learn that the latest film from the Dark Knight helmer and Matthew “Alright, Alright, Alright” McConaughey will hit theaters with a large number of viewing options, and not just of the “to IMAX or not to IMAX” variety. FirstShowing has been all over the Interstellar news beat, first breaking the news that the film would hit IMAX two days early and then passing along a bevy of cool screening information once Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures officially announced the news via press release.

Interstellar officially opens on November 7th, but a slew of large format screenings will kick off on Tuesday, November 4th, with still more options rolling out on November 5th (all told, about 225 locations will offer the pre-screenings). Basically, if you want to see Interstellar early, you can totally do that, while also getting the best theatrical viewing experience possible. Not too shabby. But if you’re still not sure how to see Interstellar and what format is best, the film’s official site has provided a pretty nifty guide (one that you can use for Interstellar and beyond). Take a look.

Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures

So, yeah, all of these are great options, except the ones – oh, like IMAX 70mm Film – that are more great. Greater. Greatest. Interstellar was filmed on actual film (both 65mm IMAX and 35mm), so checking it out on film is a bit of a no-brainer.

Nolan’s latest – his first film since wrapping up the Dark Knight trilogy back in 2012 – features an all-star cast (McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck and Michael Caine), along with a bunch of literal stars. The space adventure tale will blast McConaughey, Hathaway and others off into space, thanks to a newly discovered wormhole that helps them zip through massive distances with ease. The film has provided the viewing public with plenty of trailers so far – many of which include McConaughey sobbing just, like, a lot – but the full content and plotline of the film remains purposely vague.

We know a few things for sure, like that the Earth is dying (which necessitates a journey into the beyond) and that the space travelers will eventually land somewhere that doesn’t really look like Earth (but let’s never forget any and all lessons we learned from Planet of the Apes). The particulars of what’s really happening, though, like what exactly happened to scorch the planet and how finding a distant ice world can help ease that (if we need water, how is one small spaceship going to bring it to us? or is that not what’s really going on at all? we still don’t know!), remain unclear. Still, if Nolan’s film can impress us in trailer format, just imagine what it will look like on the big, big, big screen.

If you’d like to procure your Interstellar tickets ASAP, the film’s site has provided a handy widget to do just that. What format are you planning on seeing Interstellar in (uh, assuming you’re going to see it at all, which is also a valid answer)?

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