Eric Bana Will Play Villian Nero in J.J. Abrams Star Trek

post-bana.jpgWe do love us some Star Trek casting news, especially when it is backed by some actual evidence rather than just being a rampant internet rumor. This news comes to us from semi-reputable source Variety. They are reporting that Eric Bana, the badass actor who has starred in such action pleasures as Troy and Black Hawk Down will star as the villain Nero in J.J. Abrams’ film.

Bana joins Heroes star Zachary Quinto, Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, hottie Zoe Saldana and Alpha Dog‘s Anton Yelchin as the next member of the team who will bring us the first Star Trek flick since 2002’s Nemesis. Of course, details around the plot and how the character of Nero will fit into said plot are being kept under lock and key by the Abrams camp, which comes as no surprise.

According to the Variety article, casting will continue in New York and London as Abrams searches for the final members of his Enterprise crew, including the still open spots of a young James T. Kirk and Scotty.

Star Trek will launch into theaters on Christmas Day 2008.

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