‘Entourage’ Movie Officially Happening, No Word Yet on ‘Smoke Jumpers’

‘Entourage’ Movie Officially Happening, No Word Yet on ‘Smoke Jumpers’

The spectre of an Entourage movie has hovered over the film fan world since even before the show ended in 2011, but even though Mark Wahlberg threatened to make it even if he had to finance it himself, he hasn’t made good on that yet. Enter Warner Bros. According to Deadline Hollywood, the studio has officially greenlit the project that will see Vinnie Chase, Eric, Turtle, Drama and Ari return to our lives like that infection you thought was all cleared up.

To be fair, there’s something inherently compelling about the consequence-free show, which is why it held on for 7 1/2 seasons, but what’s really exciting about the prospect of a movie is how the hell they’ll pull off a storyline interesting enough to warrant an hour and a half and placement on the big screen. This show was perfect for HBO and television because of how easily digestible it was, but it seems wholly wrong for film unless they greatly change the tone. The plot can’t simply be that Vince bones some hot strangers, Eric and Ari struggle to secure the film role he’s lost and re-won several time while Drama gets a parking ticket.

There’s something to that challenge. Hopefully they’ll meet it, because the world doesn’t need another in-joke comedy about the world of filmmaking, let alone one featuring these guys, but the potential for something surprising is real. On the other hand, it would be much, much cooler if we got Medellin, Smoke Jumpers and Ferrari instead.

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