‘Enough Said’ Trailer Shows Off the Romantic Side of the Late James Gandolfini


Chances are there are quite a few things that James Gandolfini is going to be remembered for as an actor. But if there’s one big thing that really defines the bulk of his performances, it’s how he was always able to let little bits of vulnerability and sensitivity shine through, even as he was mostly being defined as a hulking, physically intimidating presence.

Well, one of the last films Gandolfini made before he passed away, Enough Said, seems to take those smaller aspects of his personality and bring them completely to the forefront in order to make him a romantic lead. Gone completely is that element of danger that often comes from a Gandolfini performance, and in its place is a guy who comes off as a huggable sad sack. I mean, really, just try to get through the scenes here where Julia Louis-Dreyfus is picking on him for his eating habits without wanting to pat his head and give him a balloon. It’s impossible.

To be honest, the chance to watch one of Gandolfini’s last performances is going to be enough to sell Enough Said on its own, so it probably didn’t matter much what ended up being in this trailer. But the fact that it’s showing off a whole other side of the actor that we’ve never seen before, and the fact that he’s being supported here by actresses as strong as Dreyfus, Catherine Keener, and Toni Collette, well, they have to be seen as added assurances that this one is going to be worth everyone’s time. Enough Said will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival about a month from now, and then begin its theatrical run in the US soon after, on September 20.

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