Enjoy: Massive Wolverine Spoilers & Deadpool News

Strap in for more than a handful of story notes and spoilers for the next installment of everyone's favorite mutant, and get the final word on what the hell is up with Deadpool.


If you follow X-Men Origins Wolverine or the hunt for the truth behind the Deadpool-Ryan Reynolds-Naked Super Mutant, you know that we Rejects are obsessive about getting to the bottom of things. In our search for the truth, we always leave a trail of gummy worms behind to make friends that call us when they found out something new. One of our new found friends runs the site ScottAdkinsFanz.org and was kind enough to hook us up with some massive leaks. Scott Adkins is a kickass stuntman and actor who has a signifcant amount of mystery around his appearance in the film, created on IMDb as “Weapon XI,” though I came to the conclusion my Deadpool mystery article that he was, in fact, Deadpool. Now we have a ton of spoilers – virtually the entire plot. Do Not Read Anymore If You Don’t Want Spoiled. I will list the spoilers in order of severity, the biggest spoilers at the end, lighter spoilers and a clarification of what’s going on with Deadpool at the top. Read at your own risk.


  • The leak is very enthusiastic about the movie, loved the action and the fight sequences, and said it was full of tons of really cool “Oh Shit” moments.
  • There is the possibility that this is all made up, but considering how closely it matches what we’ve figured out, it seems dead on.
  • Because these spoilers are so, well, spoilerific, I’ve changed the text on the big ones. Highlight it to read if you want, but these are MAJOR story points, though many of them won’t be surprising to fans of the comic.


Deadpool – What’s Up?

  • Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, the “comic-relief” of the team. On missions, he is a constant smart-ass, true to the character, and is constantly being told to “Shut up” by members of the team.
  • Wade Wilson clashes almost immediately with both Logan and Sabretooth, to the point where they almost come to blows leading to Wilson drawing his swords.
  • Spoiler: Stryker is creating the ultimate mutant hunter, Deadpool, to hunt and kill mutants, whom he blames for his wife’s murder. That mutant is Wade Wilson, who is given the optic blasts, healing power, retractable swords from his wrists, and the ability to teleport. This version of Deadpool is played by Scott Adkins, and he looks all warped and not like Ryan Reynolds because he is pulled out of the process early, before the transformation is complete, because Stryker needs to send him after Wolverine. Apparently Wolverine refers to this supermutant by the name “Wade” when telling him that, because his mouth is melded shut, someone finally managed to shut him up.

After the Credits

  • What happens isn’t revealed, but there is something after the credits roll.

Story Spoilers

  • As seen in the trailers and clips, Wolverine’s discovery of his mutant powers results in the death of his father, forcing him and his brother to flee.
  • The story moves ahead to Vietnam, where Logan and Victor are members of a special forces unit made up mutants who do dirty work, something Victor excels at and embraces, distancing himself from Logan.
  • Logan draws the line at killing civilians and walks away from the group, moving to Canada to be with Silver Fox.
  • As revealed in the trailers, Sabretooth is sent to kill Silver Fox, which drives Wolverine into a rage. Since they have similar powers, it’s seemingly impossible for one to kill the other, so Logan volunteers for Weapon X, hoping to gain an edge to be able to finally kill Victor.
  • Stryker is collecting mutants and keeping them prisoner, intent on taking their DNA to create his ultimate Hunter, Deadpool.
  • Beak is killed by Sabretooth.
  • When Wolverine finds out about Stryker’s imprisoning of the mutants, he sets out to free them but is told by Wraith (Will.i.am) that only one person knows where the facility is – Gambit, the only mutant to ever escape.
  • Gambit takes Wolverine via plane (apparently he has a plane and is a pilot) to Three Mile Island, underneath of which is presumably the secret prison.
  • Silver Fox is revealed to be alive, a plant to keep tabs on Wolverine. Her death was faked to send him into a rage to get him to volunteer for the Weapon X program. She betrayed him to protect her sister, a “diamond skinned” mutant who could be Emma Frost, aka the White Queen.
  • Wolverine frees the mutants below the reactor and Deadpool is rushed out of his treatment early to fight Wolverine. The fight moves to the top of the reactors and Deadpool goes nuts, basically destroying everything around him. Sabretooth joins in the fight on Wolverine’s side because he wants to be the one to kill Wolverine himself. Deadpool gets his head cut off and a la Darth Maul is sent tumbling down into the reactor. Sabretooth and Wolverine separate, with Victor promising that they’re still enemies.
  • Stryker then uses a “magic bullet” which is believed to be an adamantium bullet that strikes Wolverine’s skull with such force that it rocks his brain, causing his memory loss. Gambit rescues the amnesiac Wolverine from the facility.
  • The freed mutants are seen running through the woods to freedom where they meet a bald headed mutant who’s voice is that of Patrick Stewart – Professor X.

There you have it. Some big spoilers here, but most everything is falling into place like we were thinking. The movie does sound awesome and exciting. We’re definitely still on board for this movie and I’m still hoping for a Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool flick!

Visit ScottAdkinsFanz.org for the entire spoiler post and to be updated on Scott Adkins news.

What do you think of this news? Still excited for Wolverine?