Empire Gets New Look at Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk

I’ve long been a fan of Empire Magazine, as they always seem to have something cool going on over there. This morning they unleashed two very cool new looks at a few hot upcoming projects. Alright, I take that back — they released two new photos from the set of Wolverine, which is a very hot upcoming project due out in May 2009 and they released a photo from The Incredible Hulk, which is lukewarm at best. We’ll start with Mr. Logan and his awesome blades:

Next up is Ed Norton, in pre-Hulk mode. I must admit that when I saw the title “Exclusive New Pics of The Incredible Hulk”, I was a little excited. Then I saw this and my balloon of anticipation was deflated with the quickness. It’s still worth sharing, either way.

I will admit that those weren’t as exciting as you would think, but what are you going to do. It goes without saying though, that Wolverine is still looking pretty badass. I for one can’t wait to see some of the other characters in the film, like Sabretooth or even The Blob. We’ll keep scouring for you, don’t worry.

For more photos from Empire, including the first show of William Hurt as General Ross in Hulk, check out Empire here and here.

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