Emma Watson Will Hear ‘Your Voice in My Head’

By  · Published on February 2nd, 2012

In what can only be a (giggle) magical turn of events (or a director and star wanting to work together again, whichever), Harry Potter’s own Hermione Granger is joining back up with director David Yates for her next project. Granger – er, sorry – Emma Watson will star in Your Voice in My Head, based on Emma Forrest’s memoir of the same name, which she is penning for the screen.

Published just last May, Forrest’s book is based on some a very personal story, one that serves as a memoir of a specific time in her life after a tragic, and somewhat bizarre, death. In her early twenties, Forrest was living in New York City and was caught up in what appeared to be a satisfying life, complete with a great job and a meaningful romance. But however charmed Forrest’s life might have looked from the outside, she was suffering on the inside, to the point that she ultimately sought out a therapist to help her and her bi-polar disorder. She found a beloved psychiatrist who helped her immeasurably – until the day she called his office to set a new appointment and was told that he had passed away. Your Voice in My Head charts her recovery from that tragedy.

Deadline Henderson also reports that Tom Hanks and George Clooney are “in the mix” for the role of the psychiatrist.

Yates has been attached to the film since December, and he too recognizes the magical tone of the film, calling it “it’s a small film, hard hitting and with elements of magic realism.” But will there be dragons?

Personally, I am quite excited to see Yates and Watson teaming back up on a project that I was already very much anticipating. I can only guess that the relationship that the pair already have will help Watson bring to life a complicated character in beautiful and tragic story.