Emma Watson is in Love with Napoleon

Emma Watson

Emma Watson got the birthday gift of freedom this year. Coming on the heels of her eighteenth birthday this week, Watson secured a starring role in the upcoming Napoleon and Betsy – finally branching out away from the Potter Universe.

The drama, written and directed by Benjamin Ross, will take place during Napoleon’s exile on the island of St. Helena. Apparently instead of raising a militia and taking over France like during his first exile, Napoleon decides to romance a young woman, played by Watson.

Her two Potter co-stars have already begun branching out into other films and mediums, so it’s good to see Watson getting her feet wet in a role that doesn’t require a wand. However, despite my best intentions to avoid making lewd jokes about Hermoine reaching the age of consent, I realized that she would be playing a thirteen year old girl falling in love with a forty-six year old former Emperor. I have to admit, I’m conflicted, but I’m sure Neil will fix that by putting an inappropriately hot picture of Watson up to accompany this post.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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