Emma Stone Negotiating to Star in Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s New F-Bomb Comedy

A couple weeks ago it was reported that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s production company Gary Sanchez had spent about a million dollars to pick up a spec script called He’s F***ing Perfect. Today it was reported by Deadline that actress Emma Stone is negotiating to be in said film, only they’re referring to the project as He’s Fuckin’ Perfect. I’m not sure which is actually the official title of this movie, but it doesn’t matter because there’s no fuckin’ way this thing is getting all the way through development and keeping either. More than likely it will be called something pseudo hip but still generic like He’s the Bomb or Friend Request, so there’s no point debating that issue.

The thing to focus on is that Emma Stone would be perfect for this role. The story is about a girl who uses her advanced social media skills to dig up dirt on all of her friends’ loser boyfriends to convince them to dump them. A wrinkle comes when she finds that one of her friends is actually dating the perfect guy, so she uses those same social media skills to figure out what his perfect girl would be, and then become her. Essentially, she’s trying to break people up, and then steal her friend’s boyfriend. What a bitch. That’s not going to be a character that’s easy to like, no matter how funny writer Lauryn Kahn’s script is.

There are a lot of young actresses I can imagine taking on this role and making the protagonist completely contemptible, but Emma Stone isn’t one of them. There is something about that girl that just radiates sincerity, and that’s going to be important in order to keep the audience on this character’s side. While there is a pretty big rash of comedies about Mean this or Bad that these days, these curmudgeon characters that they feature all need to have their redeeming qualities, or watching the movie would just feel like cheering on a bully. The best of the pack are able to actually turn the audience from thinking the character is a shit to thinking they’re great, and that usually happens because the filmmakers have cast the right actor.

Gary Sanchez seems to have pegged Stone as their girl pretty early on, because before this script was even bought it was sent directly to her in hopes that she would become attached. One leaked script, a bidding war, and a million dollars later, and getting Stone on board is probably now even more of a priority. If she plays her cards right, I’d imagine this might become a pretty sweet little payday for the actress. It will be interesting to see how negotiations play out. [Deadline Avondale]

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