Emily Watson and Company Add Some Girls to Cast of ‘Some Girls’

Just on the heels of the announcement that Kristen Bell had signed on to be the first of Adam Brody’s many ex-girlfriends in Some Girls, THR has a report that a whole bevy of additional actresses have come out of the woodwork to fill out the ranks of Brody’s former flames. You see, Some Girls is an adaptation of a Neil LaBute play about a young writer who is looking to take stock of his past romantic entanglements and gain closure with each of his exes before he moves forward in his life and marries his current fiancée. Bell is said to be playing a character named Bobbi, a whip-smart little lady who Brody’s character walked away from without so much as a word. And with this new casting announcement, it’s looking like the Jennifer Getzinger-directed film version of this story will be including four other girls that have a bone to pick with the reflective protagonist as well.

The biggest name of the bunch is Emily Watson, who will be playing a married woman named Lindsay who Brody’s character had an affair with. Watson has had a whole bunch of great roles before this, but she’s probably best known for her Oscar nominated performances in Breaking the Waves and Hilary and Jackie. To say that she adds some pedigree to this production would be something of an understatement.

And pedigree isn’t all this casting announcement has going for it, there’s also a healthy injection of new blood on display. Joining Bell and Watson as the rest of the dreaded exes will be Jennifer Morrison, Zoe Kazan, and Mía Maestro; three young actresses with something to prove. Morrison was most recently seen playing the Joel Edgerton character’s wife in Warrior, Kazan has recently shown up in indie flicks like Happythankyoumoreplease and Meek’s Cutoff, and Maestro just got done playing one of those pretty people standing around during all the melodrama in Breaking Dawn. That’s a diverse resume these three ladies bring to the table, so it will be interesting to see their different approaches to portraying ex-girlfriends. Brody should be very afraid.

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