Emily Blunt Might be Black Widow in ‘Iron Man 2’

This is it. We’re gearing hardcore into the Iron Man 2 casting process, and along the way, we’re going to be host to some great rumors and possibilities coming from the Marvel offices. We just learned yesterday that talks are breaking down between Sam Jackson and Marvel to expand his Nick Fury cameo into a full-blown character, and today we’re learning that Emily Blunt is in talks to play Natasha Romanoff – who we comic geeks know as Black Widow.

According to Variety, Blunt is the frontrunner for the part.

Opinion-wise, this would be an awesome role for her – breaking out from some of her previous work into action – and it would be great for fans. She’s a gorgeous woman and an incredibly strong actress, a combination fairly difficult to find among younger talents. Oh, and skintight clothing wouldn’t hurt either.

What do you think? Could Blunt pull off Black Widow? Is Don Cheadle also up for the role?

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