Elwes, Serafinowicz, Others All Live in a ‘Yellow Submarine’

By  · Published on January 12th, 2010

I could easily fill this entire article with nauseating Beatles puns and references, but since I value our friendship, I’ll refrain from doing so.

Instead, I’ll very straight-forwardly and concisely announce that several sources (including The Hollywood Reporter) are Hollywood Reporting that the band is getting back together.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Robert Zemeckis’s latest project – a remake of Yellow Submarine – and now, the flick is just a few steps closer to seeing The Beatles back on screen.

Apparently the CGI representation of Cary Elwes is in talks to play Animated George Harrison; CGI Peter Serafinowicz (who you’ll remember from Shaun of the Dead (briefly) and from “Spaced” is in talks to play animated Paul McCartney; CGI Adam Campbell (who you won’t remember from Date Movie) is in talks for Animated Ringo; and CGI Dean Lennox Kelly (who you watch on BBC America reruns of “Robin Hood”) is negotiating the role of Animated John Lennon.

But perhaps the best news of the entire article is that they won’t be singing the songs. They’ll be using actual Beatles music – a novel concept considering they are the most influential band of all time. I’d much rather listen to them than, say, random actors who think they can sing eking out modern versions while running away from Eddie Izzard.

Good news all around. A great, great cast I think as long as they are all locked in.

I still have no idea why this movie is getting made, who the audience is, or whether it can be anything more than a clever distraction, but at least Zemeckis has the right people to run around being motion captured.

And the band begins to play.

What do you think?

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