Electrocute Yourself On New ‘Crank 2’ Posters and Stills

I’ll be the first to admit that I avoided the first Crank movie like it was another direct-to-DVD Seagal flick. It looked incredibly stupid to me, and after seeing it on DVD months later, I realized that I was right. It is one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen, but it also manages to be incredibly fun. Team Crank seems to understand they aren’t making high art, and so they’ve set to making the best possible low art they can. Mostly by shoving jumper cables into Jason Statham and having Amy Smart have sex in public.

I ask you, dear reader, is there A BETTER RECIPE FOR FILMMAKING?

Probably not, which is why we’re seeing more of the awesome same for the sequel which has some excellent new posters:

As a dedicated student of film marketing, I love these posters. The first has a great shot of Statham in what is now a fairly iconic pose from the trailer, although I’m not a huge fan of the ghost imagining. I’m sure they wanted some motion in the image, but it just makes things a little more blurry-seeming. Overall, it’s a solid one sheet – the tagline is a great example of not taking the film too seriously. And the second is the type of thing that will make mothers ask why Hollywood just can’t make wholesome movies anymore while everyone within Crank 2‘ target demographic should get hyped up. It’s simple yet totally insane looking.

As a bonus, Yahoo! also got a hold of some very cool still images from the film that show Statham about to shock himself, stalking people with a rifle, and making the same face in every pose:

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