Early Edition: Twilight’s Wolfpack’s Got Abs


Back again my friends with another awesome Early Edition. I took the day off yesterday on the count of their not being a whole lot of news. Translation: I woke up too late for the Early Edition to actually be “early.” So I’m back today to try and make it up to you with a buffet of news to get your movie loving motors running. Of course, my hope is that your motors are hyrbid engines, as today is Earth Day and we should be doing what we can for the old gal. Either way, lets get on with the best news from the last 23.5 hours…

Hungry Like the Wolf


As you can see in the photo above, the first shot of the soon to be plastered on the walls of teenagers everywhere Wolfpack from the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon has been released onto the web by the USA Today. These hot-blooded dudes include, from left to right, Paul (Alex Meraz), Sam (Chaske Spencer), Jared (Bronson Pelletier) and Embry (Kiowa Gordon). Not pictured is the photoshop artist who touched up their abs. His previous work includes every Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement from the past 10 years. New Moon is in theaters November 20th.

Sucker Punches All Over the Place

Zack Snyder has his casting couch working overtime for his next film Sucker Punch, the story of a girl who dreams of breaking out of jail with a bunch of other hot inmates. This time it is Emma Stone (Superbad) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler) who are out and Jamie Chung (Dragonball: Evolution) and Jena Malone (The Ruins) who are in. This move takes away a bit of the film’s star power, but don’t worry, they’ve still got Vanessa Hudgens. [THR]

Cinemapocalypse vs. San Francisco!

Over on the Alamo Drafthouse Blog, master of weird Lars has an update from the road where the Alamo team has once again stormed the West Coast with a series of awesome shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Among the selections in SF, John Carpenter’s Escape from NY and Lady Terminator. Next stop for the Cinemapocalypse crew: Portland, Oregon.

Meet J.J. Abrams’ Beast Master


For those not paying attention, this month’s issue of Wired Magazine has been guest edited by director J.J. Abrams — which is likely because he’s about to put out a pretty major sci-fi film in the next few weeks, but also because Abrams is the shit. Within the magazine is a very cool interview with Neville Page, the man behind both the Cloverfield monster and the snow planet monsters in Star Trek (seen above). Some concept art is live over at Wired.com — you should check it out.

Terminate Yourself on Twitter

Sony Pictures International has launched what we can safely assume is the first ever official movie-related Twitter game. You can check it out over at twitter.com/Resistance2018. I took one look at it, decided that it was too complicated and went back to tweeting my bowel movements. For those interested, I can be found at twitter.com/rejects.

Vanessa Hudgens is Beastly

Actually, that title doesn’t make sense — Hudgens was just tapped to star in a movie called Beastly, which appears to be a made-for-TV version of Beauty and the Beast which is set in modern day Manhattan. Spoiler alert: I would bet that in the end, the ugly spell gets broken. [ET]

Corey Feldman Teases with Goonies Reunion News

Desperate for attention, Corey Feldman (star of The Two Coreys) has posted some mildly exciting news about a Goonies reunion on his personal blog. The entire Goonies crew got together for a photo shoot this past week for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Edition of Empire Magazine that is being guest edited by Steven Spielberg. Feldman wrote on his blog that “hopefully it is just the start of more good Goonie things to come” which is being interpreted as rumors for a sequel. I think he’s just hoping that Spielberg will buy lunch again sometime in the near future.

That is your Early Edition for the day. Stay tuned to the Film School Rejects RSS Feed for more news as it happens.

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