Early Edition: Spider-Man 4 in 3D, Mel Gibson and Megan Fox in Leather


I feel as if there should be some “bow chicka wa wa” entry music for me every day here on the Early Edition. I know that this column is in print, but I feel as if there needs to be that little detail in order to get you really psyched for all of the news that I’m about to drop into your world. Wouldn’t you agree? I didn’t think so. Anyway, time to move on with the first round of today’s news…

Spider-Man 4 in 3D! You’d pay more for that, right?

In an interview this week with Forbes this week, Sony topguy Michael Lynton spoke about the prospects of doing Spider-Man 4 in 3D. One of her main reasons: “People are paying a premium to see movies in 3-D and that’s a very big deal. It’s never been done before that someone says you have to pay more to see Spider-Man than a romantic comedy.” As Devin at CHUD points out, this is a slippery slope. Should theaters charge more to see a movie in 3D? I’m not sure.

Elizabeth Banks is Forever 21

Variety is reporting that Elizabeth Banks (Zack and Miri Make a Porno, The Uninvited) has signed on to star in a movie called Forever 21 for Dreamworks. The film will apparently have nothing to do with the popular clothing chain and instead will be a very “high-concept storyline.” They had me interested when they said “high-concept,” but I’m still weary of the title. Are they sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the sales of low-rise jeans?

Chatting with Ebert

Time has a very interesting interview with Roger Ebert in honor of the beginning of this week’s Overlooked Film Festival, currently in its 11th year. The fest is taking place this weekend in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and will feature a dozen titles that include Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg and a very rare 70mm print of the film Baraka. You may want to check it out if you’re in the area.

Mel Gibson’s staring at the Edge of Darkness, obviously


Empire has the first image of Mel Gibson in his return to acting in the upcoming film Edge of Darkness, which is being directed by Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell. In the film Gibson plays a homicide cop who witnesses the death of his daughter and sets out to catch the killers. There is no indication as of yet that this movie will be half as exciting as Liam Neeson in Taken, but we’re holding out hope.

Guillermo Del Toro Trashes Twilight

Vulture has pointed out this morning that in the promotion of his new vampire novel series, co-written with Chuck Hogan, director and creature man of legend Guillermo Del Toro has drawn some interesting comparisons with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. The new series The Strain: Book One (part of a trilogy) will allegedly have nothing to do with “romantic, languid young men sucking the necks of beautiful people.” He goes on: “I tried also to make the vampires as menacing and as real and as absolutely disgusting and as alien as possible,” he promises.”I tried to make them into a plague of creatures where you did not recognize their humanity — but our own inhumanity in them.” Sounds awesome if you ask me.

Look out for Fast Forward

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the folks at ABC will be running mysterious promos for a new show called Fast Forward (from producers David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga) next week during Lost. The premise of the show is that the everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and has a mysterious vision of the future. Sounds interesting. This might actually have me watching commercials during Lost next week.

Nightmare on Elm Street remake gets its own Nancy Thompson

The fine gents over at Bloody-Disgusting have learned today that Rooney Mara, who stars in two of this year’s Sundance gems Dare and The Winning Season, is in final negotiations to play Nancy Thompson, who will undoubtedly be haunted by Freddy Krueger (Jackie Earle Haley). Funny story: Rooney is the younger sister of Kate Mara, who just signed on to Iron Man 2 today. Looks like its a good day to be a Mara sister.

Megan Fox in leather

For those of you who are still hanging with me in this rather long Early Edition, here’s some payoff for you. Another shot of Megan Fox in leather from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which comes out of the latest issue of Maxim Magazine. Thanks to FSR reader Christopher M. for the tip.

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