Early Edition: Sam Jackson is Negotiating with Pirates


It’s been a few days, sure, but you know that you can’t resist another wonderfully packed edition of the Early Edition…

Sam Jackson Negotiates: Jackson, a man who has long been tired of snakes on planes, will now move on to negotiating with real life pirates. Well, not exactly real life. The ever-busy actor has signed on to a project with H20 Motion Pictures, who has recently acquired the rights to the life story of Andrew Mwangura, a negotiator between pirates and the owners of vessels hijacked off the coast of Africa. No word yet as to whether Keenan Thompson will show up to commandeer a ship as it comes to port. [Variety]

Psycho Neighbors: Two ladies that I’ve long thought to be quite attractive, Liv Tyler and Marissa Tomei, have signed on to an indie psychological thriller 10A/10B. This adaptation of a 1995 Korean film will be directed by Chul-soo Park (who directed the original) and will tell the story of two neighbors who live next to each other and discover the “relationships and consequences” of said proximity. Sounds riveting. [Variety]

Fast and Wheelier: Action man Vin Diesel has signed on to star in the John Singleton directed film The Wheelman, a live-action adaptation of the Ubisoft videogame Wheelman. Diesel will play an expert driver who comes out of retirement to protect a woman from his past. Seriously, doesn’t this plot synopsis complete you as a person, fans? What would we do with our lives is Vin Diesel wasn’t saving some random woman from something he did in his past (by driving a car really fast, no less). I’m sorry, but this sort of story reminds me that the world keeps on spinnin’. [Variety]

Quantum of Tech Support: Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster has signed on to a new project. Working with Nala Films, Forster will direct a “tech” thriller called Disconnect. The film will explore the mystery of how people live in today’s wired world, where technology meant to bring them together actually drives them further apart. On concept alone, I don’t get it. I will now go consult with all of my Facebook friends to see if they understand it, either. [Variety]

Origins are In: Mark Blankenship, whose writing I have enjoyed during his time at The Critical Condition, has written a very interesting piece about origin stories for NPR’s Monkey See. In the article he explores why origin stories are so appealing, citing examples from Wolverine, Star Trek and even the hit show Lost. It is definitely worth a read. [Monkey See]

Pixar Heads North: The folks at Disney and Pixar have decided to build a brand new animation studio this fall in Vancouver, BC. The facility will be a small operation that focuses on short form animation for theme parks, DVDs, television and theatrical exhibition. This will not have any effect on feature films for Pixar though, which will all continue to come out of creativity central on Emeryville, CA. [THR]

Minka Kelly, Roommate: Friday Night Lights hottie Minka Kelly has joined the production of The Roommate, a thriller starring Gossip Girl Leighton Meester as a college student who becomes dangerously obsessed with her new roommate. Meester will play the psycho, Kelly will play the victim. Both are hot. And with that, I would like to finish today’s Early Edition with a little Minka Kelly action.


Have a kick-ass Friday, kids.

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