Early Edition: A Fox Atomic Fold, A Slumdog Kid is Sold


Today’s Early Edition may not be as early as it normally is, but it is still morning in California — and since much of our readership is out there on the West Coast, I’m not ready to title-swap to “Not-So-Early Edition” just yet. Besides, I know that many of you are just now waking up either way. And if you live in India it is something like 10pm, so thanks for staying up late with us. I mention India because that is where we begin today’s round of news…

The father of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali (who played young Latika) is attempting to find his final answer — otherwise known as a few million rupees — by putting his daughter up for sale. The impoverished man, Rafiq Qureshi, apparently put his daughter up for adoption and told spies at News of the World that his child is “special” because she’s an “Oscar child.” Where’s Angelina Jolie when you need her? On a side note, does anyone else only hear the voice of Anil Kapoor (Slumdog’s game show host) every time they see the word “rupee” in print? I do. [News of the World]

Next up, we stay in India where The Hollywood Reporter is covering the developing outrage of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, the nation’s top Catholic body, who are demanding that Ron Howard’s Angels and Demons be banned in their country. It is rumored that in the spirit of old world trading (see story above), they are offering Hollywood a deal: “trade us Tom Hanks for Richard Gere and we’ll let Angels and Demons play on one screen in Mumbai.” We’ll keep you posted. [THR]

jjabrams-wiredIn news from other locales — including that place where man is boldly going — J.J. Abrams has been tapped by Wired Magazine to guest edit their “Mystery Issue” which will hit news stands later this month. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the marketing onslaught associated with Star Trek. Our friends at TrekMovie have a copy of the cover (right), which shows off Abrams’ mystery box. Inside the issue Abrams makes an awesome case for keeping spoilers away from the fans — something that he’s pretty damn good at, if you ask me:

Spoilers give fans the answers they want, the resolution they crave. As an avid fan of movies and TV myself, I completely understand the desire to find out behind-the-scenes details in a nanosecond. Which, given technology, is often how long it takes–to the frustration of storytellers. Efforts to gather this intel and the attempts to plug leaks create an ongoing battle between filmmakers and the very fans they are dying to entertain and impress. But the real damage isn’t so much that the secret gets out. It’s that the experience is destroyed.

I completely agree with the man. Some people think that spoilers are fun, but it does ruin the experience. For example, if the ending of Lost leaks before the series finally comes to a close, I will be pissed. [TrekMovie]

Back to Hollywood, the sad news of the week is that Fox Atomic, the once cool edgy production arm of the 20th Century Fox empire, will be folding into the parent company later this year. Atomic has had some success in the past with horror flicks such as 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes II, and have found mild success in the comedy world with the Rain Wilson led The Rocker and Miss March. The studio still has a films coming out this year, including the Diablo Cody scripted horror comedy Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried and the Chris Columbus directed Hayden Panettiere vehicle I Love You, Beth Cooper, but rumors are that the studio might not make it in time to produce 28 Months Later, the third film in the 28 Weeks franchise. Though in all likelihood, that project would survive under the regular Fox banner. 20th Century Fox is yet to confirm any of this, of course. [Variety]

Are you one of those sick people who thinks every movie needs to be adapted into a musical? MTV would like to encourage you with the “Top 5 Teen Movies — other than Heathers — That Should Be Musicals.” We would like to take this moment to shake our collective head in disgust. [MTV]

Edgar Wright continues to photo blog from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. A few days ago he urged everyone to “Talk to the Fist.” [EdgarWrightThere]

Buildings! Ain’t It Cool News has posted a new spy photo from the set of Tr2n (which is still Tr2n, according to Collider). If you are a fan of buildings, this is right up your alley. [AICN]

And finally, a hardcore fan has cut together bits of footage from the various marketing materials for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to create an entire sequence. It is only about 9-seconds, but we all know that a true Transformers fan doesn’t need much longer than that. Am I right, all of my ex-girlfriends? See the video below and have yourself a wonderful day.

Until tomorrow, this has been your Early Edition.

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