E!, EW, Everyone Chimes in with Dark Knight Updates

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I suppose that it is becoming obvious that this film, this Batman sequel The Dark Knight is coming out soon — it would have to be, seeing as the web is all abuzz with Dark Knight this and Dark Knight that. It would be easy for someone to get lost in it all. Thankfully you have us to break it all down for you.

But before we get to the fun stuff of the day, I would like to make a comment about a lot of the video clips that have emerged online. I am generally a supporter of the “less is more” theory on seeing video from a film before it hits theaters. In fact, I believe that my experience with Iron Man was soiled to a certain extent due to over-exposure. The Dark Knight however, seems to be a different beast altogether. Having seen the movie and all of the clips online, I can assure you that even if you’ve seen everything available so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There is so much to this film that has not been released that the chances over becoming over-saturated with promotional fodder are slim to none. That said, lets do some more saturation.

We start over at Entertainment Weekly, whose upcoming issue features a cover article all about the “Tragedy and Triumph” of The Dark Knight, specifically regarding the tragedy of Heath Ledger’s death and his absolutely stellar performance in the film. ‘Tis true, Ledger’s performance is wicked in every way, a real tour-de-force or whatever other hyperbolic phrase you’d like to use. Their article is currently up over at EW.com, as is the issue’s cover, which can be seen below (just click the image to be taken to the article).

Next up, E! News Now has a solid preview of the film, which includes a few of the 12 video clips recently released for the film. For more of the clips, head over to IGN. The E! News Now segment can be seen below.

And finally, also in the video department, the video footage shown during Wizard World 2007 has finally made its way online. It includes a lot of action shots with very little dialog, but it is pretty cool either way.

For more awesome coverage of The Dark Knight, be sure to keep it locked right here at Film School Rejects, as I will begin unleashing some of my coverage from The Dark Knight press junket next week (that is, after we all get drunk over the holiday weekend, of course). To get the most up-to-date coverage, we highly recommend subscribing to our RSS Feed.

The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18th.

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