DVD Giveaway: Lars and the Real Girl

“At first thought, a film about a guy falling in love with a lifelike sex doll may seem like a bad, if not horrific idea. Yet somehow, the low-key, delectable Lars and the Real Girl is a sweet and sincere character study.”

That is a direct quote from our own Nate Deen’s review of Lars and the Real Girl, a quirky comedy starring Ryan Gosling. It is one of those movies that appears to be a little off the wall, but turns out to have a lot of heart. And in honor of that heart (and just because we can), we have rounded up a few copies of Lars and the Real Girl on DVD, which hits shelves on April 15th, and we’d like to pass them along to you.

Three (3) lucky winners will receive a Free Copy of Lars and the Real Girl on DVD.

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