Duncan Jones Will Direct ‘Source Code’ With Jake Gyllenhaal

By  · Published on November 9th, 2009

There’s been plenty of speculation recently as to what director Duncan Jones would be doing for a follow-up to his excellent film Moon. It appeared for a time that it would be a film in the vein of Blade Runner, called Mute, that would be written by Jones as well. It seems that project, which Jones is still writing, will be postponed as the director has officially been announced to helm the new thriller Source Code. Also attached to the film is the Prince of Persia himself, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Source Code is about a soldier named Colter (Gyllenhaal) who awakens on a passenger train in another man’s body with no idea how he got there. He begins to explore his surroundings and finds a bomb… which blows up, killing him and everyone else on board. The end.

Kidding… after the explosion Colter awakens in darkness, strapped to a harness with a monitor in front of him. He discovers that he’s part of a mission of sorts attempting to stop those responsible for the train bombing before they can strike again. With little else to go on Colter is sent back to the train seventeen minutes before the explosion. He’ll be sent back again and again, always for seventeen minutes, each time bringing him closer to the bomber(s) and closer to a truth about himself.

Having read the very cool script by Ben Ripley I can see definite hints of several cinematic influences with the two most obvious being a combination of Deja Vu and Groundhog Day. (Yes, you read that right. Just know that Source Code is far superior to Deja Vu and not nearly as funny as Groundhog Day.) Ripley does a fine job moving the story between the train and the control center that Colton returns to after each explosion, and he also manages to keep things interesting even though we return to the same point in time and space several times throughout the screenplay. ScriptShadow has a very positive review of the script here, but don’t read it if you want to avoid spoilers.

Jones has confirmed the report via Twitter (@ManMadeMoon) and Variety states that production will begin sometime early next year. They also report that the film, which will be distributed by Summit Entertainment, was originally with Universal with Topher Grace attached to star. Which makes me wonder where the hell did Grace go? Has he had a film since Spiderman 3?

What do you think of the news? Happy to see Jones behind the camera? Sad to see it isn’t for Mute?

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