Dracula Sinks Teeth Into Cameron Diaz’ Box

Title really says it all I think.

But just in case… Variety is reporting that Frank Langella has joined Cameron Diaz in the upcoming film, The Box. The film is Richard Kelly’s follow up to his as yet unreleased, but already critically drubbed Southland Tales, and is based on the short story “Button Button” by Richard Matheson. (He also wrote I Am Legend, the novel Will Smith’s upcoming holiday blockbuster is based upon.) It’s the tale of a young couple who are given a mysterious box by a stranger and the hijinx that ensue. Diaz will play one half of the couple, while Skeletor will play the stranger. Inside the box is a button (no comment…) that rewards whoever pressed it (again, no comment…).

What’s the the catch? Every time you press it and reap your financial gain, somewhere in the world someone you don’t know suffers. They could be hurt, they could suffer a great loss, or they could even die… but you don’t know them and you never will. What would you do? Find out late next year when the film is released and the world lines up to press Diaz’ magic button.

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