Doug Liman’s Jumper Trailer Hits the Web

post-jumper2.jpgWe told you yesterday that this was going to happen. And for all those non-believers (which there were few), this is for you. The trailer for Jumper, directed by Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith helmer Doug Liman, is online now here at FSR.

The film stars Hayden Christensen as a guy who has the power to literally transport or “jump” from one place to any other place on the planet. As you can imagine, this sort of power allows him to lead a very eventful and consequence free existence. One scene even shows him jumping into a bank vault and improving his financial well-being. But he soon realizes that this free lifestyle doesn’t come without consequence, as he finds himself in the cross hairs of a bounty hunter played by none other than the great Samuel L. Jackson. How badass is that?

If that isn’t enough to get you pumped up for this one, then check out the trailer below. The film looks like an upgraded version of “Quantum Leap”, with production values that we have come to expect from Liman, who has not let us down yet. Also, with a February 15 release next year, this one stands to take the sting out of a month that is normally torture for movie fans. But then again, there are no guarantees in life.

Take a look at the trailer below, thanks to the folks at IGN.

[flv: 500 212]

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