‘Dorothy of Oz’ Trailer: Great TV Cast, Lame Animation

Dorothy of Oz

The voice cast for Dorothy of Oz is a blend of rising stars and veterans, especially from TV screens. Lea Michele from Glee plays Dorothy, Kelsey Grammer plays the Tin Man and Patrick Stewart plays a talking boat that keeps tugging his uniform down. The notable names go on, but what’s more notable is how empty the animation feels in this trailer (via ScreenRant).

Granted, it’s from the independent Summertime Entertainment, but the quality is years behind the major players, and the sad result is that it looks pretty lame. That money/technology gap is one thing, but the character design (which should be free) looks bland in general and a lot of times the focus of a shot seems incredibly far away. Whoever believes that cinematographers shouldn’t win awards for CGI animation work should absolutely take a look at this.

Check it out for yourself:

This is straight-to-video stuff.

Dorothy of Oz is planning for a 2013 release date.

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