‘Django Unchained’ Dream Team Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx Reuniting For ‘Mean Business’


You’d be hard pressed to find two actors more in demand right now than Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. They’re basically like the new Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, only not quite as cool, but hopefully less secretly racist. Anyway, these two mega-stars burned up the screen when they shared it in Quentin Tarantino’s most recent historical revenge revision, Django Unchained, and now a new report from Deadline claims that we’re soon going to get a chance to see if they can ignite that spark of shared chemistry a second time.

The story goes that Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to an upcoming S. Craig Zahler novel called “Mean Business on North Ganson Street,” and they’re developing it as a starring vehicle for the acting duo. Zahler, who has history writing screenplays due to his upcoming debut as a director, Bone Tomahawk, is going to adapt the story for the screen himself, and in good news for fans of 80s and 90s style buddy cop movies, it sounds like the story he’s told is going to make for a pretty solid entry in the genre.

The gist of things is that DiCaprio and Foxx will both be playing disgraced cops – Dicaprio because his character’s insensitivity led to a violent outburst from a victim of a crime and Foxx because his character has a history of being too rough with perps – who team up in order to take on a case in a rundown rust belt town where the local police have been mysteriously getting executed gangland style. You see, this is just the sort of crazy and dangerous case that’s going to prove perfect for two cops who have proven too crazy and dangerous to work anywhere else.

Out of control protagonists forced to team up, a case that’s too dangerous for the normal police force to handle – it sounds like Mean Business could be exactly the kind of awesome buddy cop movie that Hollywood used to do so well, but hasn’t been able to recreate over the last fifteen years or so. If we can just get a director who actually knows how to construct and shoot an action sequence attached to this thing, we should be reliving the glory days of Lethal Weapon and Die Hard in no time.

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