Disneynature’s ‘Bears’ Trailer is So Cuddly You’ll Forget That Bears Will Kill You


Now that D23 is over and Disney has made all of their big announcements and debuts in the manner their corporate hivemind has deemed appropriate, the time for promoting their upcoming projects to the general public is upon us, and in order to get that job done, their nature documentary wing, Disneynature, has just released an official trailer for its next big documentary, the straightforwardly titled Bears.

Disney is a company who’s been known for making jaw-droppingly beautiful nature documentaries all the way back since the late 40s, but ever since they founded Disneynature in 2008, they’ve really recommitted themselves to getting the most modern HD technology available out there into the wilds of the world in order to capture images so grand and beautiful it’s hard to imagine they happen on this planet. If you’ve seen any of their previous stuff, like Earth or Oceans, then you know what great work they do, and from the looks of this trailer for Bears, a more focused subject matter does not mean they’ve sacrificed any of their ability to wow.

As you can see from the footage chosen, Disney’s people are so in love with nature and animals that they tend to view things through the rosiest glasses possible. Instead of the ferociousness of bears and the danger they can pose humans, we’re focusing entirely on their survival in remote places and their struggles to raise little bear families. But isn’t that what we come to Disney for in the first place? The warm fuzzies? All of that narration about parenthood, responsibility, and family is about enough to make your eyes get dusty already, and this is only the trailer. Just imagine what the full-length feature is going to do to you. I mean, what if one of the little bear cubs hurts one of his little bear paws or something? You just can’t write drama like you get in these nature films.

Like they always do, Disneynature will be releasing this new doc on Earth Day, so that means you can see it in a theater near you starting on April 18, 2014.

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