Discuss: Would You Trade Being a Guitar Hero for Being a Film Hero?


Have you ever fantasized about acting alongside your heroes? Now you need not fantasize, you can actually do it with Yoostar. For just $170 dollars, the package comes with a webcam, greenscreen, stand and software, and will be released sometime in August. In addition to being able to put yourself into a movie, you can also share the clips you make on a dedicated streaming website, creating not just a game, but a community experience for film lovers.

Tod Unger, Yoostar VP, told Variety the reasons why they hope to be successful:

“We see this entire thing as a new revenue stream that will benefit a lot of people and a lot of studios in Hollywood”

Clearly this is solid reasoning as, with the current economic climate, new revenue streams need to be found, and this has definite potential to be profitable.

The idea has stemmed from one thing, the huge cash flow that both Guitar Hero and Rock Band have brought to the music business. This will require a real commitment from not just studios, but actors also, as for every scene used the studio and actors (or estate) need to clear the rights. Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Eddie Murphy are among the actors signed up, and the studios that have joined up are MGM, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Paramount and Universal. As well as this we have Sesame Street. Yes, Sesame Street, you may well just get to sing with Elmo and count with The Count.

The scenes confirmed range from the good to the … not quite so good. The Terminator would be really rather fun, and chilling with Axel Foley would raise some laughs. Not so sure about kicking it with Dane Cook in Employee of the Month, unless of course you can adlib to make him look like a fool.

It’s also not to great that for such a steep price, you only get fourteen scenes. They plan to have up to two hundred available for download at release, so it seems like they could have padded out the package a bit.

I’m cautiously optimistic, and I think plenty of humor could be squeezed out of sharing the screen with your idols, but until the price comes down, I think I’d have to pass. At least until the Anchorman edition.

What do you think? Who would you like to act with?

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