Discuss: Who Would You Hire to Play Sinatra?

I want that hat.

It’s that point in the day where I rejoice in the fact that Martin Scorsese is announcing another project. I can’t really hide the fact that I love pretty everything the guy makes. Plus, I got to run into him in the lobby during the Oscars a few years ago, and he looks exactly like a muppet. He’s short, has bushy eyebrows, and Frank Oz’s hand is up his ass.

So of course I’m a little bit jazzed that the iconic director is busting out the big guns for a biopic of Frank Sinatra. Such a perfect combination. Although, part of me is a little scared that we’ll be seeing go-to actor Leonardo DiCaprio as The Chairman of the Board.

The press release has a lot of verbal glad-handing of Scorsese’s work by members of Mandalay (where Universal acquired the project from) and members of the Sinatra estate – who are giving their full blessing behind the project.

Phil Alden Robinson (who you may remember as the guy who wrote Field of Dreams, and Sneakers) is writing the script for it. He’s also working on an upcoming spy thriller project for McG, so he’ll be good to keep an eye on.

Also, it would be good to keep an eye on casting for this bad boy because it raises a fantastic question. What actor could possibly fill the shoes of Frank Sinatra. It would be an actor playing an actor. An actor playing a legend. Someone who could be gritty but charming and sing his lungs out while downing a bottle of scotch.

I’ve already tossed DiCaprio out of the ring as a viable option because, I just don’t see it. But I admit to being at a loss for who else it could be. And if anyone says Nathan Fillion, I swear I will turn this car around.

What do you think? It’s a tough role to fill. Where’s Phil Hartman when you need him?

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