Discuss: Do You Want Another ‘Men in Black’ Movie?


I’ll admit to being skeptical about the reality that Sony would want to launch Men in Black III, especially since it’s the worst day of all time to read movie news without a bag of salt next to you. I hate you, April Fool’s Day. Plus, it didn’t help that when I tried to dig around for confirmation on IMDB, the only thing that popped up when I searched was a film entitled Inseminated by 2 Black Men 3 – which I can only assume is a Jarmusch movie.

But it’s true. According to /film – and several other sources – Sony announced in their ShoWest presentation that they would be developing a third film in the series that saved Sony financially and brought Will Smith onto a higher plateau of stardom.

So the question is – do we really want more aliens? More crazy weapons? More family-friendly rapping?

My initial thought is that it might be cool as hell, getting to see Jones and Smith back together on some sort of crazy adventure co-starring a ton of really cool CGI. Plus, if we’re lucky, we’ll get more Biz Markie. The people demand more Biz Markie.

But my only caution is that it could fall into the trap of being a re-launch or a re-vamp or a time-disadvantaged sequel or whatever we’re calling these things now. Men in Black II came out in 2002 so it’s not exactly fresh in the minds of the public. The film might fail under the weight of irrelevance.

What do you think? Have you ever had a girl that you tried to date, but a year to make love she wanted you to wait?

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