Director’s Cut of ‘Watchmen’ Doesn’t Come With Intermission


When Watchmen came out just two months ago, wasn’t everyone walking out the theater wishing that it was even fucking longer than it was? Didn’t think so. However, I’m sure there were some of you that desperately wanted to see more Rorschach and maybe a few of the scenes from the graphic novel that didn’t make the cut.

Have no fear! Because the Director’s Cut of the film that’s winging its way onto DVD and Blu-ray on July 21st will have 25 more minutes of film including that ink-faced bastard and the sequence in which Hollis Mason meets his maker.

Even cool is the inclusion on the Blu-ray of the Maximum Movie Mode, where you can watch the film alongside some incredibly in-depth looks at the making of the film, the graphic novel popping up side by side, and commentary from the filmmakers. It’s the feature that made the Sin City Blu-ray the best we’ve seen this year (or ever), and it promises to be just as cool for Watchmen.

The DVD seems pretty standard, but the Blu-ray will also include:

  • A feature on the mechanics and science behind Watchmen.
  • A real-world timeline that examines our universe as compared to that of the film.
  • The 25 extra minutes.
  • Production stills and concept art.
  • A look at the psychology behind vigilantism and heroism.
  • A much-needed, revolutionary “Pause” feature which allows you to go to the bathroom or get a drink without missing a second of the movie.

It also comes with a music video from My Chemical Romance if you’re into that sort of thing.

I have no idea whether you should shill out money to buy this thing when it comes out, but I have a feeling that it will magically end up on the doorstep here at the Reject Office so that Neil can put his discerning eye to it for his Blu-ray Report Column. Until then, get excited or remember a simpler time not so long ago when no one could talk about anything except this movie.

What do you think?

Check out the full cover art below (click to enlarge)


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