Die Hard 4 sheds Blood Early

Die Hard 3This is going to sound like something out of a high school rumor-mill, but I assure you it is true. JoBlo told Cinema Blend, then Cinema Blend told everyone else. Now we are telling you just in case you missed it on one of these other sites.

Just before you get your Leo DiCaprio fix this weekend at a screening of Blood Diamond, you will get a taste of something you haven’t seen in a long while – since 1995 that is. The teaser trailer for Live Free or Die Hard, set to be released in June 2007. John McTiernan (Director, Die Hard with a Vengeance) is back to produce, Len Wiseman (the Underworld films) is set to direct and good ole’ Bruce Willis is back as John McClane. Who is the new addition? Justin Long, fresh off lead roles in Waiting and Accepted. This time, long can rejoice in the fact that he will star in a film with more than 1 word in the title.

How will the movie come out? It is too soon to say. Willis is getting old, though.

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