Diane Kruger to Co-star in Next Stephenie Meyer Adaptation, ‘The Host’

By  · Published on January 20th, 2012

With the Twilight Saga film franchise (thankfully) wrapping up this year, fans of author Stephenie Meyer are turning their attention to the next film to spring from one of her works. The Host is being adapted from Meyer’s crack at more adult fiction and, while the book itself is a touch more advanced than Twilight, it still relies on some familiar tropes – love triangles, concocted mythology, the somewhat sci-fi, and lots and lots of drama. And now it looks as if the film version (from writer and director Andrew Niccol) will have something else in common with Twi-land – a way too attractive cast.

Saoirse Ronan has long been attached to play the lead character of Melanie Stryder, a teenage girl who lives in a future world where Earth has been invaded by an alien race (the Souls) who take over human bodies (a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers), but with a much less nefarious edge to their plan. Melanie is one of the few remaining full humans, and she spends her days on the run with her little brother and her boyfriend Jared (to be played by Max Irons), until she too is caught by the Souls (who are also highly organized) and implanted with one of the parasitic aliens – who eventually goes by the name Wanderer and then Wanda. Of course, Melanie and her memories prove to much even for the experienced alien (who has been implanted in no less than eight other species over her long lifespan), and the two begin to battle for control of Melanie’s body. And then there’s the rebel settlement they flee to. And the other attractive dude who falls for Wanda (Jake Abel). And some battles and misunderstandings and horrific medical experiments to round it out.

And then there is also “The Seeker” who is tasked with finding rebellious old Melanie/Wanderer/Wanda. Another Soul, the Seeker is the principal villain of the novel, and is routinely described “as short, tiny in fact, with olive-toned skin, long black hair and slightly bulging eyes.” So, of course she’ll be played by Diane Kruger, who is 5’7", with pale skin and blond hair. Of course! Who else could possibly do such a role? Was Christina Ricci unavailable? No, seriously, Christina Ricci. Come on.

Deadline Tucson reports that, however ill-suited she may be looks-wise, Kruger is currently negotiating for the role. However, she reportedly removed herself from contention for a role in Joseph Kosinski’s next project (which just got cast) so that she could take on this role in The Host. So, Kruger is either really passionate about the film, or pretty in tune with what’s hot with the kids these days.

The film already has a March 29, 2013 release date set, and will reportedly be the first film in a trilogy (despite the fact that its source material is just one book, and one book that could stand to have its first hundred or so pages slashed).