Diane Keaton, Not Michael Keaton, to Star in ‘Morning Glory’

Funny story: Our editor-in-blue-jeans, Neil Miller sends out a daily “News Blitz” email with topics we can select for the day’s movie-related news. And like any news organization, the best stories get grabbed quickly, so you have to make a decision based on Neil’s 10-word-or-less description and a quick perusal of the link attached. Normally I’ll read through the entire story to see if there’s a twist I can lend to it, but this morning was different. I saw “Michael Keaton and Jeff Goldblum — together — awesome,” and immediately thought “SOLD!” So I informed my fellow rejects that I’d undertake this story, and all future Michael Keaton stories in the unforeseen future.*

That all being said, Jeff Goldblum is indeed gracing the screen with a Keaton — except it’s Diane Keaton. The film is Morning Glory about a morning show producer (played by Rachel McAdams) who has to get the two hosts, embroiled in an on-going feud, to cooperate so that ratings will rise. Keaton is playing one host opposite Harrison Ford. Jeff Goldblum is McAdams’ boss.

The project is being produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Roger Michell, who helmed one of my favorite romantic comedies of all-time — Notting Hill (no sarcasm, that’s just a really good effing movie). Aline Brosh McKenna (Devil Wears Prada) wrote the script.

rSo I’m sure McAdams and Keaton will bring plenty of cute to the project and I bet Harrison Ford will look lazy and contemptuous for much of the run-time. Goldblum will more than likely make with the funnies via awkward line delivery.

Morning Glory starts shooting next month.

* I’m not sure where my obsession with Michael Keaton comes from. He’s a good actor, but not a great one. He’s had a good career, but not a stellar one. I’ve just always loved the dude. I saw Jack Frost in theaters when I was 17. I named my Fantasy Football team “Michael Keaton” for no real reason.** I think what fascinates me about Keaton is that he’s one of those actors that is primed to make a comeback, and everytime he makes a movie I always think, “This is it, this is the start of the ‘Michael Keaton comeback’ era.” Yet it never quite happens. But I never stop thinking that one day it WILL happen.

** My Fantasy Basketball team is named “The Woody Harrelsons” and I’m in the finals this week. Wish me luck.

Discuss: Is Josh’s obsession with Michael Keaton unhealthy or did you just realize that you feel the same way?

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