Derek Mears is the New Jason Voorhees!

That wail of despair you heard over the weekend was Kane Hodder fans around the world voicing their anguish at the fact that their hero won’t be returning as their favorite anti-hero.

On Sunday, reported that Derek Mears is confirmed as the new incarnation of Jason Voorhees in the Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th. While final negotiations are still being hammered out (or macheted out, if you prefer), Mears is clearly the final choice for the slasher favorite.

Mears is a somewhat familiar face to genre fans, although his face is often obscured for his more notable roles. He played a rubber-suited Zorgon in Zathura, a werewolf in Cursed and most recently and recognizably a chameleon-like mutant in The Hills Have Eyes 2.

As a physical actor, Mears has proved himself in recent horror films. The biggest concern that I have is whether he can meet the physical look required. Mears is a big dude, but he’s not the wall of muscle that Kane Hodder was.

Still, considering Hodder was abandoned after Jason X, the character has been brought to life (so to speak) by other actors successfully. Supposedly, Freddy vs. Jason director Ronny Yu passed on Hodder for the taller Ken Kirzinger. At 6’5”, Mears is closer in height to Kirzinger, but he is also 15 years younger (and almost 20 years younger than Hodder).

With youth on his side, if he can bulk up effectively, Mears might be key to recharging the franchise. And with Platinum Dunes blowing hot and cold in their horror remakes, this could work… but then again, maybe it won’t. After all, director Marcus Nispel also gave us the substandard Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Friday the 13th will slice its way into theaters on February 13, 2009.

Sound Off: What’s most important in making Jason Voorhees work: height, girth, badassness or sympathetic eyes?

Scoop Courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting

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