Derek Cianfrance, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling Will All Meet at ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’

Last year, director Derek Cianfrance got a lot of acclaim for his relationship on the rocks drama Blue Valentine, which starred Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a married couple whose union was in the process of dissolving. It makes sense then that he is re-teaming with Gosling for his next project, The Place Behind the Pines. And now Variety is reporting that Bradley Cooper, fresh off of generating $143 million worldwide in a starring role in Limitless and quite a bit more than that for reprising his role as Phil in The Hangover Part II, is joining the cast as well. That’s not a bad deal, one actor that you have a proven track record with and another who is the newly crowned King of Hollywood.

The Place Behind the Pines is about a professional motorcycle rider who turns to bank robbery when he needs to begin supporting a newborn son, and the rookie cop who his newfound career choice sees him running afoul of. Cooper will play the cop and Gosling the robber respectively. When talking to Speakeasy late last year Cianfrance said of the project, “We should be shooting in the summer. We just have to flesh out the rest of our financing and finish casting it, but a lot of that movie was inspired by Jack London books and this idea of ancestry – and again, it’s all in Blue Valentine – what gets passed on down through the generations?” He then went further comparing and contrasting this new film with what he did in Blue Valentine, “In Blue Valentine, I wanted to tell a very violent story, emotionally violent story with no guns, and this next movie will have guns, because it’s so hard to make a movie with no guns. I think Godard said, what, I think you need a gun to make a movie, and even in Contempt there’s like one gun that comes out just as a threat.” A violent movie with guns inspired by Jack London and starring Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. This guy is really speaking my language. I liked Blue Valentine a lot and will definitely be going to check this one out.

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