Denzel Washington Carries ‘Book of Eli’

Big names attached to a movie can spin the most generic plots into box office gold or so the studio saying goes. This may be true of the upcoming post-apocalyptic movie Book of Eli starting filming in January. According to Variety, Denzel Washington plays the only man with the knowledge that can save society. Original, right? With him playing the lead, at least the film will have more dialogue than a Vin Diesel flick. It’ll be a drama which is also interesting. But I pray Book of Eli still has room for rocket cars and dudes with mohawks. The Hughes Brothers will be directing Book of Eli, their first film since 2001‘s From Hell.

I’m a big fan of Mad Max and any film that describes itself as a post-apocalyptic western. The script written by Gary Whitta and re-written by Anthony Peckham has me slightly worried. Newcomer Whitta used to be a video game magazine editor. Maybe he’s got some untapped talent if he’s also writing scripts for two live action Akira films. Akira is a famous Japanese comic book written by Katsuhiro Otomo. Warner Bros is distributing both Akira and Book of Eli. Keep checking back at Film School Rejects as we learn more about the movie.

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