Dennis Quaid Enlisted for 3 GI Joe Films

Collider had a chance to speak with Dennis Quaid recently, who will playing General Hawk in the upcoming star-studded action popcorn epic GI Joe. Quaid revealed that the movie would probably “be a lot of fun” and have a lot in common with the cartoon. The new international team (yech) will be a little bit like James Bond, he said, in that they’ll be fighting independent and large scale terrorist organizations on par with Dr. No and Blofeld.

Quaid also revealed that they want to, obviously, turn GI Joe into a franchise with their first milestone being set at 3 films, for which Quaid, at least, is signed on to. With Joe releasing next year, Quaid has plenty of time to hit the weights to bulk up and dye that brown hair blond to match his character.

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