Demian Bichir Has Hired a Bunch of Attractive Actresses to Star in His First Feature, ‘Refugio’

After earning an Oscar nomination for his acting work in the 2011 immigration tale, A Better Life, actor Demian Bichir proved himself to be a huge talent that mainstream audiences had been generally ignoring. Finally, after years of good work, the man got some recognition. It turns out he’s got ambitions beyond just taking that next step in his career as an actor, however, as Deadline is reporting that he’s now getting ready to direct his own feature, a romantic drama he also wrote called Refugio.

The story of Refugio follows one particular character, named Refugio, who we meet through various phases in his life, with the overarching narrative being built on his search to find a long lost true love. Due to the jumps in the story’s timeline, the character is going to have to be played by multiple actors, and due to the fact that he grew up in the circus, Bichir is going to have to find a colorful cast of supporting actors to make up the circus folk. While all that sounds pretty daunting, the good news is that the work has already been done, as the new director has already got a cast in place and is prepared to start shooting in Mexico City soon.

According to Deadline’s report, Bichir himself will be playing the main character later in his life, his nephew Jose Angel Bichir will be playing him somewhere in the middle, and an actor named Julian Fidalgo will play a younger version of him in various flashbacks. Probably the biggest news here is that A-lister Eva Longoria has signed up to portray a brokenhearted horse acrobat who joins the circus that Refugio is a part of though. People like Eva Longoria. She’s pretty. That’s why she’s in the picture up above. Stefanie Sherk, Ana Claudia Talancon, Arcelia Ramirez, and Ludwika Paleta fill out the supporting cast, and all appear to be pretty ladies as well. Suddenly it’s becoming very clear why Bichir would want to direct a movie. Very clever, sir, very clever.

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